Download ERICards for Pocket PC / PDA  -  Step 1

The ERICards for Pocket PC software is provided by Cefic free of charge. This version contains support for all languages listed on the web site.

The software can be used on Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 (or higher) devices. You can install the software on Pocket PC 2002 as well, but this case you need additionally install Compact .NET Framework, which is available at Microsoft Download Center (please check installation guide for additional information).

Pocket PC

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Cefic has developed ERICards in good faith and has made every effort to ensure the reliability and completeness of the information provided. They are designed as guidelines to be used by fire crews, in the case of an emergency response to a chemical transport accident. The information available on the ERICards should be applied on the basis of sound judgement, taking into consideration the particular circumstances of each accident and the specialised equipment available. Consequently, this information may not be sufficient or appropriate in all cases and the authors will not be liable for the results of any misinterpretation or misuse of this information by fire crews or any other persons.

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