Download complete software for off-line application. This version (containing all languages) has a number of facilities that are not available on the on-line version.

ERICards offline require Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or higher installed for operate.
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 can be downloaded here

ERICards software for PC (Installer, 0.98 Mb, v3.9.2, 20-05-2022)
User Manual


Cefic has developed ERICards in good faith and has made every effort to ensure the reliability and completeness of the information provided. They are designed as guidelines to be used by fire crews, in the case of an emergency response to a chemical transport accident. The information available on the ERICards should be applied on the basis of sound judgement, taking into consideration the particular circumstances of each accident and the specialised equipment available. Consequently, this information may not be sufficient or appropriate in all cases and the authors will not be liable for the results of any misinterpretation or misuse of this information by fire crews or any other persons.

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