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The CEFIC Emergency Response Intervention Cards (ERICards or ERIC’s) provide guidance on initial actions for fire crews when they first arrive at the scene of a chemical transport accident without having appropriate and reliable product specific emergency information at hand.

ERICards are intended for fire crews, trained in chemical emergency response, and contain information and procedures that may require specialised equipment.

ERICards are intended to deal with chemical accidents involving a substantial amount of product, occurring during land transport only and may therefore not be appropriate for accidents in other situations.

ERICards apply to a group of products, and hence can never be a substitute for the specific product information obtained from a reliable source (e.g. safety data sheet, reference databases or industry experts). Using ERICards therefore always requires sound judgement, taking into account the particular circumstances of each accident.

Selection of an appropriate ERICard is by UN Number or substance name as listed in ADR Table A: Dangerous Goods List.

UN Number    

Enter the beginning of a substance name or the 4 digit UN number. Putting % in front of a partial substance name will search for substances not only beginning with, but also containing this part of the name. To improve your search results try the Advanced search .


Advanced search
Find the appropriate ERICard by entering the substance name, the UN number, the ADR label, the HIN or the ERIC reference.

Information on the background and the development of ERICards including the number of ERICards per ADR class

Common structure for each ERICard

General guidance and explanation of terms
Guidance on various standard emergency practices and on the use of equipment

ADR Danger Labels
Specimen of all ADR Danger Labels (accompanying text in English only)

Download complete software for off-line application. This version (containing all languages) has a number of facilities that are not available on the on-line version.

Further information
Contact addresses for further information

The ERICards have been developed by Cefic as general guidelines for fire crews in the case of an emergency response to a chemical transport accident occurring on land. Although Cefic makes every effort to ensure the completeness of the information provided, the information may not be sufficient or appropriate in all cases to take the needed measures. No representations or warranties are made with regards to the accuracy or completeness of their contents, and no liability will be accepted by Cefic and its members for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the interpretation, use or reliance on the ERICards.


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